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What is the intention of ?

is a comprehensive knowledgebase for drug-target relationships related to cancer as well as for supporting information or experimental data. Drug-target relationships are determined by a manually curated text-mining of publicly available literature. A couple of resources that provide similar data with slightly different background and intention are mined a. for comparison with the text-mining and b. for integration into this knowledgebase. Thus, reflects the actual knowledge about this matter in an integrative way. To strenghten the literature mining, which is in its result a compilation of direct knowledge of drug-target relationships, interactions that are known in the PDB is added to that part.

To improve the functionality of as an oncologic web exploration tool, several kinds of experimental data are added. Indirect drug interactions on target genes that are known from whole-genome explorations by microarray technology or on cancer cell lines, characterized as cellular fingerprints, can be immediately compared with the text-mining results for direct interactions.

To cover this attempt, provides a set of exploration tools or access points to data. provides information for or on lead compound design, for drug action on genes, for detecting novel target genes, for estimating or predicting activities of compounds on cancer cell lines. A big point is the detection and visualization of the targeting of multiple genes by a particular drug as well as the targeting of a single gene by multiple drugs.

Considering all those aspects, this oncologic web exploration tool shall allow researchers to initiate workflows in several directions. As a conclusion: this site is designed for biochemists, pharmacists, and scientists in biomedicine who are intending to develop novel drugs or who want to gather a fast overview over the field of drug-target relationships.

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