Public databases

  • Senselab

    It is a database of odors, ligands and olfactory receptors. It contains 212 odors.
  • Pherobase
    The Pherobase contains insect pheromones and semiochemicals.
  • ScentBase
    Scentbase contains compounds of vegetable origin
  • Flavornet
    Flavornet contains aroma compounds which are derived from human odor space.
  • Leffingwell
    Leffingwell has a Flavor-Base which contains flavoring materials and food additives.

Related Websites

  • SuperDrug Database :
    The SuperDrug Database contains 2.396 compounds with 108.198 conformers
  • SuperLigands :
    The SuperLigand Database contains 5.038 different small molecule structures occuring as ligands in the Protein Data Bank
  • SuperNatural Database :
    The SuperNatural Database contains 45.917 natural compounds with 2.665.881 conformers available for purchase
  • SuperHapten :
    The SuperHapten Database contains currently 7257 haptens, 453 commercially available related antibodies and 24 carriers


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