pubchem-id: 31219
synonyms: AI3-02952
Benzyl propanoate
Benzyl propionate (natrual)
EINECS 204-559-3
FEMA No. 2150
NSC 46100
Phenylmethyl propanoate
Phenylmethyl propionate
Propanoic acid, phenylmethyl ester
Propionic acid, benzyl ester
Propionic acid, benzyl ester (6CI,7CI,8CI)
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ACROS Organcis25958
Alfa AesarB23186
Lancaster Inc.X05374
Pfaltz and BauerP26100
Sigma AldrichSALOR-S55,757-9
Sigma AldrichW215015
Sigma AldrichW215007
chem. class: Benzenoids
species: Passiflora ligularis Juss.
family: Passifloraceae
reference: Lindberg, A. B., J. T. Knudsen & J. M. Olesen. 2000. Independence of floral morphology and scent chemistry as trait groups in a set of Passiflora species. Pages 91--111 in EDITOR(S), The Scandinavian Association for Pollination Ecology honours Knut Fægri. Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi. I. M
species: Gardenia jasminoides Ellis
family: Rubiaceae
reference: Tsuneya, T., N. Ikeda, M. Shiga & N. Ichikawa. 1979. GC-MS analysis of Gardenia flower volatiles. Pages 454--457 in EDITOR(S), Proceedings of the VII international congress of essential oils (Kyoto 1977). PUBLISHER.
species: Encyclia sp.
family: Orchidaceae
reference: Kaiser, R. 1993. The scents of orchids. Elsevier, Amsterdam.
species: Gymnadenia conopea
family: Orchidaceae
reference: Kaiser, R. 1993. The scents of orchids. Elsevier, Amsterdam.
species: Victoria amazonica
family: Nymphaeaceae
reference: Bartsch, A. 1997. Botanische Kuriositäten aus der Urwald. Der Kanonkugelbaum und die Königliche Wasserlilie. Dragoco Report, 63--71.
species: Hedychium coronarium König
family: Zingiberaceae
reference: Knudsen, J. T. & L. Tollsten. 1993. Trends in floral scent chemistry in pollination syndromes: floral scent composition in moth taxa. Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 113:263--284.
species: Victoria amazonica x cruziana
family: Nymphaeaceae
reference: Kite, G., T. Reynolds & G. T. Prance. 1991. Potential pollinator-attracting chemicals from Victoria (Nymphaeaceae). Biochem. Syst. Ecol. 19:535--540.
molecular weight: 164.20