pubchem-id: 7778
synonyms: Citronellyl formate
supply info: supplier: supply-code:
Sigma AldrichW231401
chem. class: Monoterpenes
species: Mahonia japonica
family: Berberidaceae
reference: Picone, J. M., H. S. MacTavish & R. A. Clery. 2002. Emission of floral volatiles from Mahonia japonica (Berberidaceae). Phytochemistry 60:611--
species: Rosa sp.
family: Rosaceae
reference: Sirikulvadhana, S., W. G. Jennings & G. Vogel. 1975. Collection of flower aroma concentrates for gas chromatographic analysis. Flavours Food Addit. 6:126--128.
molecular weight: 184.28