pubchem-id: 8159
synonyms: Heptyl acetate
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Sigma AldrichSALOR-S43,171-0
Sigma AldrichW254711
Sigma AldrichW254703
chem. class: Aliphatics
species: Passiflora ligularis Juss.
family: Passifloraceae
reference: Lindberg, A. B., J. T. Knudsen & J. M. Olesen. 2000. Independence of floral morphology and scent chemistry as trait groups in a set of Passiflora species. Pages 91--111 in EDITOR(S), The Scandinavian Association for Pollination Ecology honours Knut Fægri. Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi. I. M
species: Masdevallia sp.
family: Orchidaceae
reference: Gerlach, G. & R. Schill. 1991. Composition of orchid scents attracting euglossine bees. Bot. Acta 104:379--391.
species: Ophrys sp.
family: Orchidaceae
reference: Borg-Karlson, A.-K. & I. Groth. 1986. Volatiles from the flowers of four species in the sections Arachnitiformes and Araneiferae of the genus Ophrys as insect mimetic attractants. Phytochemistry 25:1297--1299.
species: Ophrys sp.
family: Orchidaceae
reference: Borg-Karlson, A.-K., G. Bergström & B. Kullenberg. 1987. Chemical basis for the relationship between Ophrys orchids and their pollinators. II Volatile compounds of O. insectifera and O. speculum as insect mimetic attractants/excitants. Chemica Scripta 27:303--311.
species: Cypripedium calceolus L.
family: Orchidaceae
reference: Bergström, G., G. Birgersson, I. Groth & A. Nilsson. 1992. Floral fragrance disparity between three taxa of lady's slipper Cypripedium calceolus L. (Orchidaceae). Phytochemistry 31:2315--2319.
molecular weight: 158.24