pubchem-id: 9895
synonyms: beta-Cyclocitral
FEMA No. 3639
EINECS 207-081-3
EINECS 258-219-4
1-Cyclohexene-1-carboxaldehyde, 2,6,6-trimethyl-
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Alfa AesarB22221
Sigma AldrichALDRICH-L17,003-8
Sigma AldrichW363928
chem. class: Irregular terpenes
species: Sauromatum guttatum Schott
family: Araceae
reference: Hadacek, F. & M. Weber. 2002. Club-shaped organs as additional osmophores within the Sauromatum inflorescence: odour analysis, ultrastructural changes and pollination aspects. Plant Biol. 4:367--383.
species: Freesia refracta x armstrongii
family: Iridaceae
reference: Lamparsky, D. 1985. Headspace technique as a versatile complementary tool to increase knowledge about constituents of domestic or exotic flowers and fruits. Pages 79--92 in A. B. Svendsen & J. J. C. Scheffer (eds.), Essential oils and aromatic plants. Martinus Nijhoff/ Dr W. Junk Publishers, Do
species: Freesia sp.
family: Iridaceae
reference: Mookherjee, B. D., Trenkle, R. W. & R. A. Wilson. 1990. The chemistry of flowers, fruits and spices: live vs. dead a new dimension in fragrance research. Pure Appl. Chem. 62:1357--1364.
species: Jacquinia macrocarpa Cav.
family: Theophrastaceae
reference: Knudsen, J. T. & B. Ståhl. 1994. Floral scent in the Theophrastaceae. Biochem. Syst. Ecol. 22:259--268.
species: Buddleja davidii Franch.
family: Scrophulariaceae
reference: Schulz, S., W. Francke, J. Edgar & D. Schneider. 1988. Volatile compounds from androconial organs of Danaine and Ithomiine butterflies. Z. Naturforsch. 43c:99--104.
species: Cyanobacteria ; Calothrix parietina ; Plectonema notatum ; Plectonema sp. ; Rivularia sp ; biofilms A (Rivularia sp./C. parietina community) ; encrusted layer-biofilm B (T. distorta; Phormidium sp.; Rivularia sp.; C. parietina)
reference: Höckelmann, C.; Moens, T.; Jüttner, F. (2004). Odor compounds from cyanobacterial biofilms acting as attractants and repellents for free-living nematodes. Limnol. Oceanogr. 49(5): 1809-1819.
species: Calothrix ; Plectonema
reference: Schulz, S. and Dickschat, J.S. (2007) Bacterial volatiles: the smell of small organisms. Nat Prod Rep, 24, 814-842.
molecular weight: 152.23