Super Natural II- a database of natural products

Super Natural II

Super Natural II, a database of natural products. It contains 325,508 natural compounds (NCs), including information about the corresponding 2d structures, physicochemical properties, predicted toxicity class and potential vendors. Natural products are small compounds synthesized by living organisms. The chemical diversity of these molecules is tremendous and offers inspiration for innovations in medicine, nutrition, agrochemical research and life sciences. Most of the currently used cosmetics and drugs are either natural products or close derivatives thereof.
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Toxic doses are often given as LD50 values in mg/kg body weight. Toxicity classes are defined according to the globally harmonized system of classification of labelling of chemicals (GHS)


Banerjee P., Erehman J., Gohlke B. O., Wilhelm T., Preissner R. and Dunkel M. Super Natural II: A database of natural products Nucleic Acids Research 2015 database issue

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Super Natural II allows the easy search for natural compounds containing the most common template as substructures. To conduct a template search, please click on the corresponding template image.

Example Natural Compound


 Example Natural compound  Example Natural Compound

Curcumin is produced by plants of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae. It is a yellow coloured compound. Curcumin exists in several tautomeric forms. The enol form is more energetically more stable in both, the solid phase and in solution.
It is often used as a food colouring and food additive. Several clinical studies in humans were conducted to the study the effect of curcumin on diseases like colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and multiple myeloma. The natural properties of this compound makes it an interesting drug candidate.