Drug Search

Here you can directly search for specific drugs. Since a similarity search is performed over the drugs in the database, a molecule structure is required as input. There are different ways to specify your structure of interest:

1a. Search a compound by its name via PubChem (the corresponding structure will be uploaded after clicking the start button)
1b. Create a structure by a SMILES string
1c. Draw your structure with the drawing tools
1d. Load a molecule by clicking on

2. Once a structure was loaded into the ChemDoodle Viewer, you may (but not must) make changes to it using the drawing tools.
3. When you are satisfied with the structure, start the similarity search by clicking the button below the structure viewer.
Name: e.g. Warfarin
e.g. CC(=O)CC(C1=CC=CC=C1)C1=C(O)C2=C(OC1=O)C=CC=C2

Please note that the calculation might take up to 10 seconds.