Interactive Network-Representation for drugs and Indications

Here you can build an interactive network in just a few steps. If you are unsure on how to create/work with the network, you can also watch a short tutorial video at the bottom of the page.

1a. Type in a drug name
After the first 3 letters an autocomplete selector with available drugs will be displayed (initial display might take a few seconds to appear)
1b. Select an indication category from the selector.

Please note that even though ICD-10 codes down to level3 are selectable (in order to support more detailed text search), only networks up to level2 will be displayed. Therefore, selecting "J45: Asthma" from the dropdown will calculate the network for the broader category "J40-J47: Chronic lower respiratoy diseases".

2. Click on the corresponding button "Create Network".
3. Click on the now appearing button "Reset Network", which indicates the calculation is finished. The previous (example) network will be replaced with the newly created one.

Enter a drug:

Select an indication (you can also type to search the options):

Example network for the repositioning of Warfarin. Described as Use-Case in the manuscript.

Network Instructions

Click on a node to get more information about it or reposition it.

To add more drug/drug interactions, indications, target interactions, or side effects associated with a specific node, click on the node and then select the desired group from the panel on the right. Note that due to increasing lag associated with large amounts of nodes, only 50 nodes per network visualization is permitted.

To remove a node, either force click (Mac) or right click (non-Mac) on a node. To zoom on an area of the network, scroll over it.

Clicking "Reset Network" will reset the current network back to the default state, before other nodes were added. Use with caution!