Here you can select an ICD-10 category and will obtain a list of drugs that are potentially active against it.
The list was created using the machine learning models, which are also the basis when making a prediction for a specific structure of interest in the Drug Repositioning: Indication Prediction based on machine learning tab.

Only this time, it is not a specific molecular structure that is queried against all possible indications, but instead for each possible indication category, all drugs in Promiscuous 2.0 are evaluated and the highest scoring displayed as potentially applicable against the disease of interest.

Please note that even though ICD-10 codes down to level3 are selectable (in order to support more detailed text search), the model creation was only possible for ICD-10 categories for which there was enough data available. Therefore, selecting "J45: Asthma" from the dropdown will calculate drug repositioning opportunities for the broader category "J40-J47: Chronic lower respiratoy diseases".

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The content of this website is intended for research purposes only and in no way to be interpreted as professional medical advice.

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Sildenafil Thalidomide

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